Topics that ranged from generations to generative AI

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Since its inception in 2017, the Mumbai-based All About Music conference has largely filled the void in India’s calendar of music industry events by engaging attendees through discussions focusing on innovations and advances by acting as the gateway to the Indian market for stake holders at home and for the larger global community. Aishwarya Natarajan While there were too many sessions to review, Sudeep Audio’s SAundCheck focuses on some that it believes could make a major difference within the music world in the near future. For instance, on day one, there was a session for ‘Lost genres – rediscovering folk, qawwali, devotional, and ghazal – nostalgia in Indian music’. For starters, the panellists were in consensus by correctly calling the title of the session itself a misnomer, keeping in mind that each of these genres continue to exist now as they have done through the years, each having created a milieu all of their own.

Nevertheless, singer Sudeep Banerji spoke about his amazement at music labels who are without basic details on creators by providing an example of utilising the poetry of Kabir (who passed away in 1518 CE), but yet the musician was asked to obtain a no objection certificate from the lyricist for its usage. Aishwarya Natarajan, the founder of Indianuance, spoke about the genres under reference being considered “lost” merely because they were unfairly being placed in the same bucket – or while comparing market share – with Bollywood. Singer Aabha Hanjura, also the founder of Ziply Productions, spoke about contemporising the niche of folk music, and allowing it to gain mainstream acceptance as she provided the example of her latest effort, “Mere Makaan”.

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