Synthesis – The Indian Muse

Synthesis – The Indian Muse’ is an amalgamation of the sounds and moves unique to our country.

As India entered its 75th year of independence, there was much for us to be proud of as a nation especially in our unmatched cultural diversity and unwavering solidarity as a nation. Nothing expresses this sentiment better than Music, which is beyond all barriers. Sixteen exemplary Indian artists across genres, came together to present the ultimate offering to mark this momentous occasion.

Conceptualized by Nanni Singh, Composed by Ravi Iyer and with powerful Lyrics by Loy Chacko, this song has been Mixed-Mastered by the renowned Aslam Khan.

Released on August 15, 2021,
This song is available on all Audio Streaming platforms and on Youtube.​
Interview Broadcasted LIVE on DD India