The Top 5 Places You Should Consider Immigrating To

The last couple of years have certainly proven crazy for many of us, and have forced us to take the time to examine our quality of life and what makes us, and those around us happy. The handling of the COVID pandemic has brought many features to light about our country, and for many of us, with travel reopening, we see this as a new opportunity to move abroad and start afresh.
We present to you our top choices for places to consider migrating to, whether you just want to live abroad, want to study there or want to put down new roots for you and your family.

1. Portugal

Beach lovers will rejoice at this option- Portugal!  One of the most cost effective choices for those of you looking to live in Europe, Portugal offers a range of options for people looking to settle down here- from busting urban cities like Lisbon or lesser known and more affordable areas like Braga. Portugal is also very open to people who are migrating from outside the EU and allow for them to purchase property fairly easily.

Boasting one of the best climates in the whole of Europe, with hot summers and wet winters, Portugal has also been ranked first in quality of life in 2019 The Internations Expat Insider Survey. The beauty of the place, complemented by its secure nature, and its proximity to cities like London, are sure to have been factors in its favour.

Portugal is an especially attractive option for Indians- moving here will also open up the rest of Europe to you, while the cost of living is relatively low and education is free in public institutes. To learn more about the golden visa, and to find out how to get one as soon as you can you can click here.

2. Canada

One of our top choices, Canada is truly a multicultural country which boasts of many pros if you settle down there.  Offering a plethora of employment opportunities for migrants, Canada is known for being multicultural so it won’t be a huge culture shock for you or your family if you choose to settle down there. Canada is also the second largest country in the entire world, with a large part of its area covered by lakes- making it truly a spectacular place to settle in for nature lovers who like spending time outdoors.  Some of the popular choices within Canada for people looking to settle down are Toronto, Ottowa or Quebec.

The people in Canada are known for their friendly and polite nature (the fact that Canadians love to say sorry is often a topic of parody on sitcoms), and it is often ranked one of the happiest countries in the world. Further, if you have children it will make you happy to know that Canada spends more on education per capita than any other country in the world!

3. UK

One of the most popular options for people who choose to migrate is the UK! With a number of options of places to settle down, it has something for everyone. London is of course famed for its bustling art and culture, while cities like Birmingham and Oxford are perfect for a taste of the beauties of the rural English countryside.

One of the biggest melting pots in the world, the UK is a favourite for Indians as language is not a barrier, educational institutions here are first class making it one of the best countries to study abroad for Indian students, and there is never a shortage of things to do. The price points are slightly on the higher side, unless you research less well-known areas of the UK to settle.

Filled with some of the best restaurants, amazing museums, architectural feats and beautiful country vistas, the UK is definitely a great choice when it comes to settling abroad.

4. Dominican Republic

One of the lesser known options yet an amazing choice for Indians seeking to move abroad is the Dominican Republic.  The Dominican way of life quite resembles that of Indians- the people love to dance (merengue being a firm favourite), the food is rich and tasty and filled with tropical elements, while family values are of great importance here.

The Dominican Republic has bustling and vibrant cities and apartments available in the midst of them at very affordable rates. At the same time, there is a myriad of nature options to choose from to visit when you want to relax or discover tranquility. The Dominican Republic is home to many water paradises, including the 27 Damajagua Waterfalls, which can be visited through guided tours. Many tourists and locals describe visiting the falls as the most exciting activity the country has to offer.

The beauty of the Dominican Republic is that while it feels like a beautiful secret place with unspoiled natural wonders, it is a short flight to Miami and quite well connected to more urban cities.

5. Croatia

Last, but certainly not least, is the majestic country of Croatia.  Croatia has become a strong contender for immigration, with nearly 28,000 foreigners migrating here in 2019.  With its affordable cost of living, as well as healthcare, many are opting to move their families and themselves here.  Boasting a long coastline, Croatia is known for having some of the cleanest water in Europe.

Croatia is also home to over a 1000 islands, many which have yet to be explored. Each island seems to also have its own claim to fame- for instance, Glitzy Hvar is the sunniest island with over 2724 hours of sun annually! Many celebrities have even jumped on the opportunity and bought some islands in Croatia. The islands are well connected to the mainland by ferries. Another common and loved feature of Croatia is the riva or the seaside promenade. Croatia is also home to many beautiful beaches and coves, as well as rugged mountains showing how diverse its landscape is.  While Croatian is the most spoken language, many people here do speak English as well. For families looking to move here, it is one of the safest places to live and the culture is extremely family oriented.



Now that we have outlined some of our favourite choices of places to migrate to, what are you waiting for? To learn more about some of the choices open to you or your family to migrate or to find out more, visit here or contact us by clicking here.