What are 21st century skills and why do they matter?

We hear the term ‘21st century skills’ being bandied about quite a bit nowadays but what are they and are they really that important?

21st century skills are the abilities you need to actually get ahead in your career and work- these are often skills that are overlooked in school (although abroad they are starting to gain traction) and which can make all that difference between working at Google or just googling for work!

While there are many thought processes on what defines ‘21st century skills’ the major ones to achieve success in work and life are comprehension ( not just reading and rote learning something but understanding the crux of what is being said), collaboration (no man or woman is an island- we need to work with others to achieve our goals), creativity ( finding new ways of achieving outcomes), communication (both spoken and written are essential) and critical thinking ( knowing how to use all the information out there to gain the most for your own enhancement.)

The term ‘21st century skills’ has been made more and more prevalent in recent years and it is easy to see why. These are necessary for the workplace and it is important for younger generations to be aware of this.It is now more crucial than ever to develop these as with the progress of technology, the need to communicate effectively is what separates people from just a smart AI bot. Additionally,these skills are applicable to every area of life and so it is something that is necessary for everyone to understand and have.

As they say, “hard skills are skills required for the job, soft skills are skills required for the people.” Working in a constantly changing environment, there is no way for someone not to need these skills, but unfortunately as critical as these abilities are, our education system has not equipped us to truly handle them in many cases. But it is never too late in life to learn them and implement them to reap the greatest benefits in your career.

So what are some of the ways you can hone yourself in this way? One easy way is to take an online course in some of these new skill sets. There are vast repositories of data online which can help give you some understanding of the basics of 21st century skills. However, to truly master them it doesn’t help to seek advice or knowledge from the pros.

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