Work on YOU for YOU!

Introducing ShowCaseYOUnique a set of programmes designed to bring out your best side and enable you to succeed in all you do. Perfect for individuals and corporates looking to hone their brands and refine their skills, or companies who want to train their employees to get the very best results, this programme allows for a 360 degree enhancement of a person’s potentials.

• Experiential learning process and development service that helps individuals to transcend the “I SHOULD” level and operate from the “I CAN” level.
• Programs for leadership level, managerial level, young and enterprising professionals, and students.
• Intent:
a) To create a positive work culture that leads to sustained growth.
b) Bridges the gap between what people do and what they are capable of doing.



1. LinkedIn Sessions/ Building Your Personal Brand with Saloni Mehta

Saloni (an ex-Linked in employee and a graduate of IIM Indore) specializes in helping folks with visibility of authentic messaging that gets them noticed in the right way. It can be their LinkedIn Profile, their career narrative, resume or interviews or building their brand. The true hidden secret behind getting opportunities- whether it is a new job, a promotion or leads/ brand building is “VISIBILITY of the RIGHT NARRATIVE”.
Saloni has worked her magic for students, mid and senior professionals as well as three time CEO’s. She has taught this at IIM A, IIM B and ISB as well. To understand how she can help you, we bring a complimentary scoping session (15 mins) with Saloni. Get in touch with us to know more

2. Personal Branding/ Communication Essentials/Productivity Essentials/ Leadership and People Skill Development with Renuka Kukreja

Renuka is the founder of her own training academy for performing arts, languages, personality development & soft skills since 2016. Her professional diversity has added richness to her experience of 24 years and she contributes as a coach & mentor at the academy. She has worked with hundreds of individuals – ranging from students & young professionals to CXOs and helped them build a strong personal brand. Some of her sessions include:
• Personal Branding
• Communication Essentials
• Productivity Essentials
• Communicating Through Personality
• Presentation Skills
• Leadership Essentials
• Developing People Skills

3. Grooming & Personality Development /Corporate Conduct/Understanding the Art of Retail Selling with Anna Bredemeyer

A successful commercial and ramp model who has had a vast experience of working with international brands as well as the crème de la crème of Indian designers like Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla Rohit Bal, Manish Malhotra and Tarun Tahiliani, Anna also had the distinct honour of being Ambassador to India’s first International Brands lifestyle store Beautiful Boulevard. She has also been the spokesperson, who launched & established a host of brands in the Indian Market, such as Tiffany & Co., Omega, Longines, Breguet, Lancôme, Lalique, Rosenthal, Givenchy, Longchamp & Godiva. Further, Anna has worked extensively in PR and marketing in her decades long career with world renowned brands Montblanc and Canali. Besides this Anna took her experience to the Mall space and was VP Marketing at High Street Phoenix/ Palladium.
Currently Anna conducts personality development and grooming workshops for individuals from all walks of life as well as school and graduating students as they step out into the world at large preparing each individual by enhancing their confidence and presenceso as to take on the challenges the world is to unleash upon them.

4. Discover Yourself with Nasreen Khan & Sanjay Gupta:

A set of programmes designed to bring out your best side and enable you to succeed in all you do. A 360 degree enhancement of YOUR potential.

• To Make a Stronger and more Confident YOU from within andoutside..
• Something different from the “USUAL”
a) Not another webinar please!
b) Not a one-time motivational talk
c) Not another ‘tips and tools’ session
• YOUnique Sharing Circles
• YOUnique Compassionate Conversations

Nasreen Khan

Sanjay Gupta

Saloni Mehta

Anna Bredmeyer

Renuka Kukreja