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The online musical initiatives could be bucketed into essentially three categories: one, those who were musically off [for publication purposes, I am keeping the names of the defaulters to myself!]; two, others that were off-the-centre [for instance, Turnkey’s Atul Churamani curating the #jimbeamoriginals series; most definitely a sensitive concept for 

December 28 2020

Everything Experiential


Showcase Studio: Bridging the gap between the artists, their art forms and the audience: Nanni Singh & Noor Anand Chawla
Each episode of ShowCase Studio is hosted by a renowned journalist or an expert in the particular field, leading to a thought-provoking discussion with the guest of the day.

September 24 2020

Everything Experiential


ShowCase Events is delighted to introduce its new platform ShowCase Studio
A thirty minute session every Sunday from 6.30pm-7pm will be live exclusively on ShowCase Studio.


September 13 2020

Noor Anand Chawla


After 15 years organising events for various charitable organisations, Nanni Singh, CEO of ShowCase Events, felt the need to empower traditional and folk independent musicians by giving them a proper voice and representation, in an ever-changing market. Thus, she began ShowCase